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The Acacia tree is also known as the Wattle tree.

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Acacia Tree Photo Gallery

Acacia Tree
Acacia Tree Photograph
Acacia Tree
Acacia Tree Acacia Acacia Branches
Tree Acacia
Tree Acacia
Picture of Acacia Tree
African Acacia Tree Acacia Branches Acacia
Acacia Tree Image
Acacia Thorn Tree
Acacia Tree Image
The Acacia Tree Acacia Thorn Tree Lone Acacia Tree
Acacia Tree Pictures
Sweet Acacia Tree Photo
Acacia Tree Photo
Acacia Tree Photo
Acacia Tree Species
Acacia Tree Photo

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Acacia Trees, Facts & Information on the Acacia Tree

Acacia is a genus of shrubs and trees belonging to the subfamily Mimosoideae of the family Fabaceae, first described in Africa by the Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus in 1773.

The leaves of acacias are compound pinnate in general. In some species, however, more especially in the Australian and Pacific islands species, the leaflets are suppressed, and the leaf-stalks (petioles) become vertically flattened, and serve the purpose of leaves. These are known as phyllodes. The vertical orientation of the phyllodes protects them from intense sunlight, as with their edges towards the sky and earth they do not intercept light so fully as horizontally placed leaves. A few species (such as Acacia glaucoptera) lack leaves or phyllodes altogether, but possess instead cladodes, modified leaf-like photosynthetic stems functioning as leaves.

The small flowers have five very small petals, almost hidden by the long stamens, and are arranged in dense globular or cylindrical clusters; they are yellow or cream-colored in most species, whitish in some, even purple (Acacia purpureapetala) or red (Acacia leprosa Scarlet Blaze).

Acacia tree seeds are often used for food and a variety of other products.

In Burma, Laos and Thailand, the feathery shoots of Acacia pennata are used in soups, curries, omelettes, and stir-fries.

Various species of acacia yield gum. True gum arabic is the product of Acacia senegal, abundant in dry tropical West Africa from Senegal to northern Nigeria.

A few species are widely grown as ornamentals in gardens; the most popular perhaps is Acacia dealbata (Silver Wattle), with its attractive glaucous to silvery leaves and bright yellow flowers; it is erroneously known as "mimosa" in some areas where it is cultivated, through confusion with the related genus Mimosa.

Some Acacia species are valuable as timber, such as Acacia melanoxylon (Blackwood) from Australia, which attains a great size; its wood is used for furniture, and takes a high polish; and Acacia omalophylla (Myall Wood, also Australian), which yields a fragrant timber used for ornaments.

Acacias contain a number of organic compounds that defend them from pests and grazing animals. Many of these compounds are psychoactive in humans. The alkaloids found in Acacias include dimethyltryptamine (DMT), 5-methoxy-dimethyltryptamine (5-MeO-DMT) and N-methyltryptamine (NMT). The plant leaves, stems and/or roots are sometimes made into a brew together with some MAOI-containing plant and consumed orally for healing, ceremonial or religious uses.

Acacia Tree Pictures 1 - Acacia Tree Pictures 2

Types of Acacia Trees, Different Acacia Tree Species

  • Acacia Koa Tree
  • Blue Leaf Wattle Tree
  • Box Leaf Wattle Tree
  • Coast Wattle Tree
  • Espinillo Acacia Tree
  • Flax Leaf Wattle Tree
  • Green Wattle Tree
  • Hedgehog Wattle Tree
  • Hickory Wattle Tree
  • Juniper Wattle Tree
  • Kangaroo Thorn Acacia Tree
  • Karoo Thorn Acacia Tree
  • Late Flowering Black Wattle Tree
  • Lightwood Acacia Tree
  • Myrtle Wattle Tree
  • Nyanga Flat-Top Acacia Tree
  • Ovens Wattle Tree
  • Prickly Moses Acacia Tree
  • Prostrate Acacia Tree
  • Red Leaf Wattle Tree
  • Scented Pod Acacia Tree
  • Silver Wattle Tree
  • Snowy River Wattle Tree
  • Spreading Wattle Tree
  • Spike Wattle Tree
  • Stiff Leaf Wattle Tree
  • Sweet Wattle Tree
  • True Mulga Acacia Tree
  • Two Veined Hickory Acacia Tree
  • Umbrella Thorned Acacia Tree
  • Weeping Myall Acacia Tree

Acacia Tree Trivia

Acacia tree ants act as bodyguards protecting the acacia tree from harmful insects, animals and humans.

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