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Tupelo Tree Pictures, Detailed Information on Tupelo Trees

Welcome to our tupelo tree pictures page. On this page you will find lots of nice pictures of tupelo trees. You will also find a lot of wonderful information on tupelo trees, including information about the tupelo tree species, planting information, and much more. This is valuable and useful information that can help you to learn more about the tupelo tree.

To view each tupelo tree picture in full size just click on the pictures. Enjoy the pictures.

big tupelo tree
black tupelo tree
black tupelo
black tupelo image
black tupelo tree
black tupelo tree
old tupelo tree
tupelo picture
tupelo tree
tupelo tree
tupelo tree image
tupelo tree pic
tupelo tree pic
water tupelo tree
water tupelo tree

Here is some general information on tupelo trees.

The tupelo, or pepperidge tree, genus Nyssa, is a small genus of about 9 to 11 species of trees with alternate, simple leaves. It is usually included in the subfamily Nyssoideae of the dogwood family, Cornaceae, but is placed by some authorities in the family Nyssaceae.

Most species are highly tolerant of wet soils and flooding, and some need such environments as habitat. Five of the species are native to eastern North America from the extreme south of Canada south to eastern Mexico; the others are found in east and south Asia from China south to Malaysia and west to the Himalaya. A related genus, Davidia, the Dove tree, occurs in China.

Tupelo wood is used extensively by artistic woodcarvers, especially for carving ducks and other wildfowl. In commerce, it is used for shipping containers and interior parts of furniture, and is used extensively in the veneer and panel industry for crossbanding, plywood cores, and backs. The wood can be readily pulped and is used for high-grade book and magazine papers. In the past, the hollow trunks were used for bee gums to hold beehives.

Tupelo trees are popular ornamental trees for their spectacular red fall color. Tupelos are valued as honey plants in the southeastern United States, particularly in the Gulf Coast region. They produce a very light, mild-tasting honey. In northern Florida, beekeepers keep beehives along the river swamps on platforms or floats during tupelo bloom to produce certified tupelo honey, which commands a high price on the market because of its flavor. Monofloral honey made from the nectar of N. ogeche has such a high ratio of fructose to glucose that it does not crystallize.

































































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